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Fresh pasta: exquisite creations for your Italian everyday

In Italy, fresh pasta is traditionally reserved for special occasions and celebrations. It has been Pasta & Company S.r.l.’s aim to change exactly this. With its extensive portfolio of freshly made filled and unfilled pasta products, the family company, based in Rivalta di Torino in the northwestern Piedmont region of Italy, has successfully transformed fresh pasta into a convenience food that can easily be enjoyed every day.

Fresh lasagne noodles pair well with basil pesto for a new twist on an old favourite

Tradition and homemade quality are most important at Pasta & Company. “Our recipes are based on unprocessed raw materials,” emphazises Business Manager and Company Founder Aleardo Girardi. “Just like in a traditional kitchen, the vegetables are washed and cleaned, the meat is put through a grinder, seasoned and boiled, and the eggs are opened by hand.” At Pasta & Company, concerning all products and every respect, the entire manufacturing process always maintains the character of a homemade product. This is, however, combined with cutting-edge machinery and monitoring methods employed to fulfil the highest production standards.

The company’s product portfolio consists of about 80 different types of pasta. These come in various shapes and colours, with different fillings or unfilled. Among the product highlights are Agnolotti alla Piemontese. “They are a symbol of the culinary tradition of the Piedmont and stand out for their roast beef filling enhanced with the distinct flavour of cabbage,” says Mr. Girardi. This type of pasta is the benchmark of Pasta & Company. It is sold in keep-fresh packs of 2 kg (expiration: 12 days) and in modified atmosphere packages of 350 g to 1 kg (expiration: 21 days).

Another highlight, maremmani, oversized ravioli, captivate the consumer with a gorgeous filling obtained mainly from the combination of vegetables such as spinach and endive, with ricotta and sheep cheese. They are sold in keep-fresh packs of 2 kg (expiration: 12 days) and in modified atmosphere packages of 350 g to 1 kg (expiration: 21 days).

“Our orecchiette are a typical speciality of southern Italy,” Mr. Girardi explains about one more mouthwatering product. “It is a simple type of pasta, made by mixing water and durum wheat semolina. It is perfect for red sauces and sold in keep-fresh packs of 3 kg, expiration 12 days, and in modified atmosphere packages of 350 gr to 1 kg, expiration 16 days.”

Along with the orecchiette, tagliatelle is one of the most famous pasta types in the world. With its strong emphasis on artisanry, Pasta & Company produces it still by breaking the eggs for the dough by hand, which are then added to pure flour and only a few other basic ingredients. The finished tagliatelle is sold in keep-fresh packs of 2 kg (expiration: 12 days) and in modified atmosphere packages of 500 g to 1 kg (expiration: 16 days).

Pasta & Company was founded by Mr. Girardi, his wife Paola Nardo, marketing director, and her brother Carlo Nardo, chef de cuisine, in 1997. However, the roots of this business well aware of its fine tradition of food-making go back to the 1950s as Ms. Nardo’s grandparents were bakers and also produced pasta.

Today the company employs about 70 members of staff at its 3,000 m² company compound, generating turnover of around 14 million EUR. About 60% of its products are destined for export with Germany, France and Austria being major markets.

Pasta & Company makes its pasta available at farmers’ markets

For its marketing channels, Pasta & Company has chosen a rather unusual but very successful area: that of farmers’ markets where itinerant vendors sell the company’s fresh products directly to a large variety of customers.

“Additionally, we also serve the hospitality sector as well as wholesale traders and some specialized shops,” states Mr. Girardi. “What’s more, besides production, we have started to offer a series of training courses for our resellers with the aim of making them all part of a strong commercial network which, through the brand, has great recognition value.”

This series of training courses consists of practical lessons as well as regular updates regarding the internal developments of the company and its processes, and concerning the relevant commercial and marketing activities.

Furthermore, Pasta & Company runs a chain of own points of sale – small take-away restaurants under the name ‘Pastà!’ offering the company’s exquisite pasta creations as well as additional products such as olive oil and wine.

Concerning the future of the flourishing business, Mr. Girardi is planning in two parallel lines of action. “On the one hand, we are looking for motivated wholesalers and itinerant vendors who are professional and have self-initiative to develop our sales network in Italy and especially abroad,” he explains. “On the other hand, we need contacts who not only allow us to operate in a foreign country according to its laws, but who also promote the awareness of our company in the right way.”

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