Mutti France SAS

The portfolio comprises tomato paste, tomato pulp, puréed tomato sauce and peeled tomatoes

MUTTI, tomato expert since 1899!

Sun-ripened tomatoes are a healthy and tasty ingredient for many delicious recipes. Especially people in Italy use tomato-based sauces for endless culinary delights. The Italian company Mutti S.p.a. with headquarters in the region of Parma has been producing tomato products since 1899 and has developed into a renowned brand in Italy. With its first foreign subsidiary Mutti France SAS, the brand is conquering the French market.

The bestselling product is Mutti’s tomato pulp called Polpa, which was developed in 1971

Mutti’s products stand out due to their high quality and excellent taste. The company only uses the best tomatoes grown around Parma. “Our tomatoes really have an outstanding taste due to ideal cultivation conditions,” points out Jacques Lecart, responsible for sales at Mutti France. “This is why we offer premium products. The brand and its excellent products have the potential to become a market leader in France.”

The portfolio comprises peeled tomatoes, puréed tomato sauce, tomato pulp and tomato paste as well as a pizza sauce. “Our bestselling product is our tomato pulp called Polpa,” says Nicolas Frisch, responsible for marketing. “Polpa really stands for authenticity. It was developed in 1971 and is produced in a process called cold transformation, which conserves the taste of the fresh tomatoes.”

The company is known for the high quality of the products. Mutti works with local farmers that exclusively produce according to the specifications of the tomato expert. To keep the excellent taste of the fresh tomatoes, they are processed within 24 hours after harvesting.

Mutti works with local farmers from the region of Parma that exclusively produce in accordace with the specifications of Mutti

Besides its traditional product, Mutti also develops new tomato specialties such as ‘Purrée’, which is offered in smaller portions, fitting the demand for products for small or single households. Another novelty is a tomato-based vinegar, which is mainly distributed through delicatessen.

The company’s main distribution channels are supermarket chains and corner shops, as well as cash-and- carry markets, where small restaurants and hotels buy Mutti tomato specialties. In Italy, Mutti is a renowned brand.

The subsidiary in France was founded in 2013 to establish the export business of the company. “In France, tomatoes are an important ingredient of French cuisine,” explains Mr. Lecart. “Since our foundation, we have been able to gradually gain market share, increasingly raising the awareness of the Mutti brand. Our long-term aim is to become market leader in France. With the premium quality of our tomato products and the special packaging, we have the right conditions for future success.”

Mutti France SAS
135 Rue de Billancourt
92100 Boulogne Billancourt

Phone +33 1 41031560
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