Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V.

Erik Blom, Managing Director of Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V.

Good for the animal, good for the client

The world loves chicken. A constantly rising consumer preference for high-protein foods and technological developments in food processing equipment have significantly spurred the global poultry meat processing equipment market. One of the players leading innovation in this market is Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V. headquartered in Oostzaan close to Amsterdam. The Dutch company is a prestigious supplier of equipment and systems for the poultry processing industry worldwide. Animal welfare regularly improves and sets new benchmarks.

State-of-the-art technology – one of the most important assets

Right from its early days, Meyn has concentrated on innovative machinery for the poultry processing industry. “Our customers with slaughterhouses appreciate complete solutions – not only advanced equipment but also comprehensive services – of outstanding quality meeting the most challenging market demands. We offer wall-to-wall solutions which means that we supply everything within the walls of a slaughterhouse,” sums up Erik Blom, who has been Managing Director for two years now. “Our systems include live bird handling, stunning and killing them in a humane way, bleeding and plucking. The primary poultry processing ends when the bird is still whole. The secondary processing embraces the cooling of the birds; afterwards they are partitioned in breast fillets, wings, drumsticks and others. We also supply machinery for deboning.”

The poultry processing industry is deeply rooted in the region. Meyn was founded in 1959 and won broader attention with the development of a machine for breaking eggs. Later, the company introduced mechanical solutions for slaughtering and processing chickens.

Meyn has production facilities in the Netherlands, Poland and the United States; here the site in the US

After various changes of ownership, in 2012, US-based CTB took over Meyn – an important step to further guarantee the company’s stability in the long run. “Thanks to CTB and its financial strength we have the opportunity to make long-term plans,” says Mr. Blom. “The market demands constantly increase and we will keep investing in intelligent solutions according to different international standards.”

Innovative machines are synonymous with safety and increased productivity

Today, Meyn has three production sites in Oostzaan, Poland and the United States, 1,000 employees and 14 sales offices all over the world that enable close and direct customer communication.

“We have clients in over 100 countries and in every time zone,” states Mr. Blom. “They are supported by competent consultancy, comprehensive after sales services, spare parts, servicing contracts and a 24/7 helpdesk. Our specialists are on the road to work out more complex problems. Hygiene and ergonomics are very important in our world; it is essential that we adhere to legislation. Beyond that our people and our clients’ employees need to be able to work as comfortably and safely as possible. In our training centers and on-site, we demonstrate the use of our machines. The safety of our clients’ employees is as important as that of our own.”

Meyn puts great effort into research and development to realize top-notch machinery. “We make smart machines and take care of product traceability”, points out Mr. Blom. “Legislation can be quite different from country to country and the attention on animal welfare is increasing. Against this backdrop, we developed a revolutionary solution for stunning chicken by using C02 before they are killed. This is important for the animals but also because the quality of their meat is noticeably better. The more stress an animal has the tougher the meat.”

Founded in 1959, Meyn’s headquarters is still based in Oostzaan, a region where poultry production plays a crucial role
Reliable cut-up systems – just as flexible as clients need them to be

Innovative solutions like these are a trademark of the company mirroring its extraordinary know-how and expertise. “We are optimistic that we can keep on growing in this dynamic market,” underlines Mr. Blom. “We offer innovative products and services; we have the most extensive sales and service network in our sector and we have a great reputation. This makes us look confidently towards the future. Poultry is the healthiest kind of protein and has the lowest CO2 footprint; it is relatively cheap and there are no religious limitations. Due to this, the market will continue increasing, at least for another 25 years. Our aim will be to further support customers in their ambition for greater productivity and increased yield and efficiency. We believe in the strategy of ‘Think global. Act local’. We will be close to our customers and quickly available for their special needs. We are only satisfied when they are satisfied. “

Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V.
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