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The Happy Reindeer brand of filled and traditional liquorice sweets is both organic and vegan, and is Makulaku Confectionery’s spearhead brand for export markets

The sweet taste of success

Liquorice sweets have an unmistakeable colour, taste and texture. Flavoured with the extract of the roots of the liquorice plant, liquorice is enjoyed in many different forms around the world. In the Finnish market, the best liquorice sweets are made by Makulaku Confectionary Ltd. The company’s organic and vegan Happy Reindeer liquorice sweets also find favour among sweet-toothed customers around the world.

Although it has its own highly distinctive flavour, liquorice pairs extremely well with other flavours. Makulaku Confectionery likes to experiment with new combinations to see what works with customers.

“We are bringing in new types of liquorice to a market that has been stable for a very long time,” says Brand Manager Riikka Salokannel. “They also allow us to make headway in markets such as Asia, where the traditional cylinders of black liquorice are not as popular.”

Makulaku’s best sellers at home continue to be its traditional black liquorice and a mint-flavoured version, but it offers filled and coated liquorice sweets in a full range of different flavours and shapes. Flavour is all-important to the company’s success.

Makulaku started out in Porvoo in 1992 as a family-owned small business whose focus lay on creating flavoursome liquorice sweets. The long ropes of liquorice it produced largely by hand were sold loose at markets in towns and villages across Finland as well as at funfairs.

Four years ago, the company was taken over by three private individuals with long experience in the confectionery business. “They changed the company’s focus and created the Makulaku brand and packaging so that the liquorice products could be sold in retail stores,” explains Ms. Salokannel. “It was a big change, but it has allowed the company to expand sales far beyond Finland.”

Happy Reindeer is the brand that was created primarily for export markets. The all-natural, organic and vegan sweets are available as black, mint and cocoa, or strawberry. Another key product is Monkey Tails: long, twisted ropes of cola, raspberry or pear-flavoured liquorice.

Finally Hippo Bites come in four flavours: black, apple, tutti frutti and strawberry. “In Finland we are known for our distinctive, flavoursome liquorice, which is also seen as an artisan product,” says Ms. Salokannel. “We already have a strong presence in the rest of Scandinavia and countries like Spain and Italy. Our goal for the future is to increase our global presence. This began with the USA earlier this year, and we are convinced that our expanded product range can take us even further.”

Makulaku Confectionery Ltd
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