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Organic growth with bakery specialities

Consumers are increasingly aware of the quality of what they eat especially when it comes to the staff of life, bread and bakery products. The Austrian company Kuchen-Peter Backwaren GmbH offers a comprehensive range of high quality bakery products available in both, conventional and organic quality with an additional quality in terms of variety. The Austrian bakery experts are well-known above all for the wide selection of traditional and in-house developed specialities.

Peter Györgyfalvay, son of the founder and Managing Director of Kuchen-Peter Backwaren.

“It all started with a speciality”, says Peter Györgyfalvay, Managing Director of Kuchen-Peter Backwaren, “with Krapfen, the sweet-filled Austrian doughnuts, which are highly popular in Austria, especially at New Year and Carnival. In 1964 my parents Ingeborg und Paul Györgyfalvay started a pastry shop in a basement in Vienna focusing on Krapfen with home-made jam. The quality of the Krapfen won the small pastry shop an ever growing number of customers and enabled my father to make his dream come true and expand the business up to series production. In 1977 he realised the target in the new premises at Hagenbrunn in Lower Austria and established the company under its present name.”

With the new production capacities and the proven quality, Kuchen-Peter soon supplied large Austrian trade chains. Ever since, the company kept expanding the portfolio by adding new varieties and new products fully in line with customers’ and market demands.

“Having been active as a confectioner before, my father got the master baker’s diploma in 1983 and then could manufacture bread and rolls. These new products greatly contributed to further growth,” explains Mr. Györgyfalvay.

Quality at its most delicious, Krapfen the Austrian sweet-filled doughnuts.

The flexible reaction to changing market demands is another secret of success. Initially specialised in fresh products, Kuchen-Peter was among the first to offer doughy, semi-baked and ready-made frozen bakery products, when supermarkets started their own bakery shops.

The frozen range included almost all the products of the fresh range such as breads, rolls, pastries, sweet pastries and, of course, Krapfen.

Today, Kuchen-Peter is well established as a manufacturer of both, fresh and frozen bakery products. “Now as before, Krapfen are our speciality and one of our best sellers,” underlines Mr. Györgyfalvay. “Today, we provide Krapfen in a variety of types, small, medium-sized, large or extra large and filled with jam, strawberries, vanilla, apricots or nougat. With some 40 million Krapfen a year, we are the leading manufacturer in Austria. Undisputed best sellers in the range are buns, rolls, and baps with 145 million pieces a year. Moreover, we manufacture 5.2 million loaves of bread a year, 9.2 million loaves of white bread and 3.45 million pieces of sweet pastries, cookies and cakes.”

Headquarters of Kuchen-Peter Backwaren GmbH at Hagenbrunn in Lower Austria.

All products are developed and manufactured at the modern facilities at Hagenbrunn. “Initially the facilities featured 2,000 m², today they cover some 24,000 m2, which are equipped with the latest manufacturing and control technology to ensure optimum efficiency of processes and the high quality of products,” explains the Managing Director. “We have always invested in updating and optimising machines and processes to keep abreast with latest developments,” stresses Mr. Györgyfalvay. “Our production is fully in line with the strictest requirements of food processing. As a result, we have been certified to the food safety standard HACCP, the International Food Standard IFS, and to the British food standard BIC.”

Meeting the demand of nutrition-conscious consumers, the range of organic breads, rolls, buns and baps.

However, quality at Kuchen-Peter is more than the quality of processes, quality starts with the raw materials. “The quality of bakery products largely depends on the quality of the ingredients,” says Mr. Györgyfalvay. “We have always put emphasis on the selection of high quality raw materials and we develop products in accordance with latest scientific findings, the prerequisite for the tasty, healthy and nutritious products we provide.”

Market-orientated by tradition, the company has been among the first to add an additional quality to its range, organic bakery products. “We were the pioneers in Austria with our innovative organic bakery products. Today, we are the number one in Austria, the largest manufacturer of organic bakery products. Our organic products are exclusively made from raw materials which have been grown by certified organic farmers. Moreover we had our production facilities tested and certified to fully comply with the organic food standard. Today, almost our complete range is available in both, conventional and organic quality.“

Kuchen-Peter supplies both, the large trade chains as well as the retail trade. In addition to the quality products trading customers require quality services, reliable supplies just-in-time and Kuchen-Peter provides just that, Mr. Györgyfalvay points out. “We have our own fleet of vehicles supplying customers six days a week and we also provide overnight service. Furthermore we are cooperating with a forwarding business supporting us at peak times.”

Unmatched in their comprehensive variety, bread and roll specialities made by Kuchen-Peter.

The Managing Director is proud of the fact that Kuchen-Peter has achieved its market success without marketing and publicity efforts. “We have organically grown to our present size and importance, through quality and market-orientated innovations and we will pursue this strategy in the future, too, and support future growth through targeted marketing. There is an increasing demand for higher quality organic products and for specialities tailored to specific target groups. Our organic line and the specialities we have developed for allergic consumers are our major asset for growth on the domestic market and above all on foreign markets. At present exports account for 2% of our turnover of 36 million EUR. In our quest to boost exports we are focusing above all on the German market.”

Kuchen-Peter Backwaren GmbH
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