Interview with celebrity chef Thuri Maag

Why seek distant culinary shores?

Over the course of his long career, Swiss celebrity chef Thuri Maag has not just collected numerous Michelin and Gault-Millau awards, he has also developed a fondness for rabbit meat. The self-proclaimed rabbit ambassador talked to European Business about the company he has founded to promote rabbit meat, delikantessa, and also shared his thoughts about the latest food trends.

Interview with Dr. Hubertine Underberg-Ruder, President of the Board of Underberg AG

‘Always the same’, but not the same old thing

Sometimes, especially after a good meal, you need a digestif that will at the same enhance well-being and offer a unique, intense and complex herbal experience. Underberg is a herbal digestif with a tradition of over 170 years that can do the trick. Its blend of herbs is popular for improved well-being far beyond its home country of Germany. European Food spoke with Dr. Hubertine Underberg-Ruder, President of the Board of Underberg AG. She discussed the company’s tradition of consistent quality and Underberg’s leadership in the digestif market.

Interview with Frank Gemmrig, Managing Director of Cavendish & Harvey Confectionery GmbH

Success is sweet

Sweet treats come in many forms but none so perfectly presented as the English-style sweets made by Cavendish & Harvey Confectionery GmbH. Very much a grown-up affair, the distinctive round metal boxes are gold-coloured to signal their superior quality and premium market positioning. As a German company with a distinctly English flavour, Cavendish & Harvey occupies a unique niche in a crowded market. European Business spoke to Managing Director Frank Gemmrig about tradition and reinvention.

Interview with Anjan Contractor, developer of a 3D food printer for NASA

Why astronaut food is healthier when it is made with a 3D printer

“Space – the final frontier” – everyone knows the voiceover that introduces every episode of “Star Trek”. What was once science fiction has now come another step closer to reality: The conquering of the final frontier by humankind, starting with the mission to Mars. Astronauts can enjoy a varied diet even in space, says Anjan Contractor, who has developed a 3D food printer for NASA. His interview with European Food Journal is also an exciting story about a childhood dream that is about to come true.

Interview with Frank Wubben, managing director of Starbucks EMEA

Starbucks – your third space

Long gone are those years when we all lived on filter coffee. Today, the world of coffee is a universe of different beans, roasts, tastes and flavours. Cafè Latte, Espresso, Cappuccino – you can have it all, in pads, capsules, ground, as full beans – and to-go. Probably THE pioneer of the new coffee culture in Europe is Starbucks from the USA. Today, the coffee trader is represented across Europe with stylish coffee bars. We talked to Frank Wubben, Managing Director of Starbucks EMEA, about the latest trends in the coffee market and about the company’s philosophy to create a “third space” for coffee and tea lovers with its coffee houses.

Interview with Bavarian Michelin-starred chef

FC Bayern chef Alfons Schuhbeck swears by hearty fare

Alfons Schuhbeck, personal chef to Bayern Munich football club, swears by hearty Bavarian fare. Even Bayern’s fans are treated to the rustic charm of his Fleischpflanzerl – Bavarian-style meatballs. For our culinary journey, he has kindly shared a special version of his meatballs (see PDF download at the end of the interview). And while we are on the subject of journeys: According to Michelin-starred chef Alfons Schuhbeck, one of the best cities for food is San Sebastián – European City of Culture 2016.

Interview with Italian three-star chef Niko Romito

“I’m thinking of transforming the bomba day”

No need to panic; the bombs that the Italian three-star chef Niko Romito has loved since kindergarten are made from deep-fried dough filled with cream and jam. Every year, the Michelin-starred chef from Castel di Sangro celebrates “Bomba” day as a reminder of the heavenly aroma that filled his parent’s bakery in Rivisondoli when these delicacies were made. Romito has even greater plans for these delicious bombs as he reveals in an interview with European Food Journal.

Interview with Matthias Kück, managing director of Biozoon, and Biozoon Project Manager Sandra Forstner

"We can already print 3-D food"

Matthias Kück has a vision: to produce Smoothfood 2.0. Dishes like pork with red cabbage could be printed on a large scale directly on a plate with 3-D printers in canteen kitchens. People with problems chewing and swallowing can eat the printed food without any difficulties. Kück, managing director of Biozoon and coordinator of the EU project Performance, basically believes that 3-D printing will revolutionize the food industry.

Interview with Prof. Claus Hipp, head of the German baby food producer HiPP

Prof. Claus Hipp: “My motto? ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated yourself.’”

“Treat others the way you want to be treated yourself” - this famous ‘Golden Rule’ is the motto of Prof. Claus Hipp, head of the German baby food producer HiPP. To him, this motto means much more than just the treatment of people. It also includes the treatment of the environment. With a strong belief in sustainable farming and the undiscovered reserves and resources of nature, HiPP has become the world’s biggest producer of organic raw materials. European Food Journal (EFJ) talked to Prof. Hipp about the company’s research into ecological farming practices and the company’s ambitions to reactivate the forgotten resources of nature.

Interview with Thuri Maag, Swiss celebrity chef

The Chüngel revival

Michelin-starred chef Thuri Maag is reviving “Chüngel” as the Swiss national dish. This unusually named ingredient is none other than rabbit meat. It can even be used to make the famous Swiss stir-fried veal speciality Zürcher Gschnetzeltes but without the traditional inclusion of kidney as his grandmother would have insisted upon way back when. A definitive “yes” to modernized cuisine, which the Swiss native always combines with regional products as well as Swiss wines. Food fit for a prince – even Prince Albert of Monaco.

Company of the month

Claus Reformwaren Service Team GmbH

A trendsetter in the health food sector

The German Reform movement, which started in the middle of the 19th century and promoted a more natural way of life that rejected meat and espoused ecological farming methods, vegetarianism and homeopathic medicine, lives on today in the form of the Reformhaus. A fixture on the German high street, the Reformhaus is a form of health food store that stocks a mixture of health and wholefoods, natural cosmetics and responsibly farmed produce. Serving the specialist Reformhaus, organic food and health food sector with an extensive range of products is wholesaler Claus Reformwaren Service Team GmbH.


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