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In good spirits

Thinking of Switzerland means thinking of impressive mountains, tempting chocolate, exquisite watches, tasty cheeses – and the finest liqueurs. A good proportion of the fruit grown in Swiss orchards is used to make a great variety of spirits and fruit liqueurs. One of the country’s most successful distilleries is DIWISA Distillerie Willisau SA – a company that has found the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

Adrian Affentranger, CEO of DIWISA Distillerie Willisau SA

DIWISA is synonymous with tradition and innovation, with craftsmanship and top-notch technology. Founded in 1918 by Hans Affentranger as a spirit and syrup manufacturing company, the company has come a long way to step up and become Switzerland’s market leader. Today, the third generation of the Affentranger family is still involved in the business. With a workforce of approximately 100 employees, DIWISA recorded a turnover of 130 million CHF in 2015 – a result that indicates the company’s exceptional development.

DIWISA distributes well-known international brands such as Jägermeister, Sierra Tequila, Russian Standard and Lanson besides its own products. Among its customers are retailer and wholesalers. DIWISA works closely together with them.

“Up to 1999, we placed a strong focus on me-too products,” explains Adrian Affentranger, CEO since July 2015. “Now, we concentrate more on our own brands, which make up 70% of our turn-over.” Shifting its focus turned out to be a good decision. Today, Trojka is the most popular brand for spirits in Switzerland.

When it comes to production, DIWISA relies on fundamental know-how handed down from generation to generation as well as on modern technology.

“We still distill our beverages in the traditional copper stills like in the early days,” says Mr. Affentranger. “On the other hand, we work with high-tech elements. This combination of old and new is the driving force behind our success. Market observations and analyses are essential. We regularly try out new things; we observe consumer trends and react flexibly. This way we constantly broaden our product range, adding innovative products such as energy drinks. If you want to be competitive you need market expertise, imagination – and a bit of luck.”

In good spirits – XELLENT Swiss Vodka and Gin
DIWISA Distillerie Willisau, Switzerland’s leading distillery, finds the balance between tradition and innovation

DIWISA exports to more than 30 countries. The Trojka Vodka range for example is extremely popular in the Benelux countries, where around one million bottles are distributed per year.

“There are many interesting products in the pipeline,” stresses Mr. Affentranger. “We are optimistic that our traditional core competences will always be a solid basis for the development of new products that capture the spirit of the times.”

DIWISA Distillerie Willisau SA
Menznauerstrasse 23
6130 Willisau

Phone +41 41 9727272
Fax +41 41 9727373


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