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Christmas Italian style

One of the most successful products to conquer the lucrative holiday season is the traditional Italian sweet bread panettone, which is commonly eaten around Christmas and New Year. Panettone is a celebration bread made with an enriched dough and studded with jewel-like candied citrus peel and raisins. It offers a lighter alternative to the more stodgy Christmas fare commonly served in Northern Europe. This and the fact that it is not easy to make at home go some way to explaining its growing popularity in non-traditional markets.

Celebrate Christmas with a delicious traditional Italian panettone

Enriched doughs are known for being tricky to work with because adding sugar, butter and eggs to the dough retards the action of the yeast, making it difficult to achieve the light, open texture of a good panettone. Needless to say, Corsini’s panettone scores highly in all categories, including flavour, texture and appearance. The company also offers more unusual versions featuring the addition of untypical flavours such as chocolate, cherries, apricots and chestnuts. Just because a product has a long tradition doesn’t mean that it is forbidden to tinker with the recipe.

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