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European Food is a multichannel publication for the European food and beverage industry. It provides its readers with insight into companies from the sector based on personal interviews with entrepreneurs, managers and executives.

The publication takes a fresh look at the latest trends, product innovations and customer-oriented service concepts from all sectors of the European food and beverage industry. Culinary highlights, production processes, food and packaging technologies as well as gastronomic trends and table accessories are central topics. Hard economic facts are flavoured with lifestyle reports and future visions and form a unique and inspiring menu of information.

Cutting-edge research combined with an attractive design make all of the channels a frequented source for strategic and management information, features and analyses. Help yourself to a scrumptious buffet of contact possibilities.

Selectively circulating in Europe as well as in Northern America and the Far East, European Food is the ideal medium for the promotion of international and global business relationships within the food and beverage branch.


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Company of the month

Claus Reformwaren Service Team GmbH

A trendsetter in the health food sector

The German Reform movement, which started in the middle of the 19th century and promoted a more natural way of life that rejected meat and espoused ecological farming methods, vegetarianism and homeopathic medicine, lives on today in the form of the Reformhaus. A fixture on the German high street, the Reformhaus is a form of health food store that stocks a mixture of health and wholefoods, natural cosmetics and responsibly farmed produce. Serving the specialist Reformhaus, organic food and health food sector with an extensive range of products is wholesaler Claus Reformwaren Service Team GmbH.


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European Food

Food Special 2016

In this issue: Futura Robotica S.r.l. - End-line technology at its best / Erik Thun AB - Dine at the captain’s table / Spendrups Bryggeri AB - Drinks at the heart of the occasion / Skanem AS - Smart labelling solutions

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