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European Food is a multichannel publication for the European food and beverage industry. It provides its readers with insight into companies from the sector based on personal interviews with entrepreneurs, managers and executives.

The publication takes a fresh look at the latest trends, product innovations and customer-oriented service concepts from all sectors of the European food and beverage industry. Culinary highlights, production processes, food and packaging technologies as well as gastronomic trends and table accessories are central topics. Hard economic facts are flavoured with lifestyle reports and future visions and form a unique and inspiring menu of information.

Cutting-edge research combined with an attractive design make all of the channels a frequented source for strategic and management information, features and analyses. Help yourself to a scrumptious buffet of contact possibilities.

Selectively circulating in Europe as well as in Northern America and the Far East, European Food is the ideal medium for the promotion of international and global business relationships within the food and beverage branch.


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Company of the month

Nagykun 2000 Mezögazdasági Zrt.

With team spirit on the go for rice

Around the world, rice is one of the most important crops. Especially in Asian countries it is a staple and therefore the nutritional basis for a big part of the world population. As a matter of fact, the largest portion of the rice produced worldwide comes from Asia as well as from the USA being one of the main exporters. Nevertheless, in the EU rice production is also gaining momentum, and not just because ‘gluten-free’ is the buzzword of the day. Within the circle of the traditional rice producing countries in Europe like Italy, Spain and France, ‘newcomer’ Hungary supplies the EU markets with top quality rice – 50% of which comes from Nagykun 2000 Mezögazdasági Zrt. in Kisújszállás.


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European Food

Food Special 1/2017

In this issue: Zordel Fischhandels GmbH - Big fish in the Black Forest / Cavendish & Harvey Confectionery GmbH - Success is sweet / Werner Kenkel Spółka z o.o. - The perfect package / SIMON SAS - Coming back to butter

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