Company of the month

Tippagral SAS

In perfect shape

It is the delicious pizza in the small pizzeria, the tasty sandwich from the local deli and the crunchy salad at the canteen’s salad bar – cheese is consumed in many varieties, forms and sizes. No wonder that the demand for block, grated and sliced cheese is rising. Tippagral SAS, which specializes in cheese transformation, has benefited from changing eating habits and has experienced rapid growth recently. Its customized grates, cuts and sizes are increasingly popular with B2B customers.


Fish & Seafood

Valle Ca’ Zuliani Società Agricola SRL

More fish to fry

When sitting down to a delicious fish dinner, one seldom considers the steps needed in order for the fish to end up on the plate. The people behind Valle Ca’ Zuliani Società Agricola SRL have been contributing to an important part of this process with its family-owned fish hatchery and breeding facilities. Since 1982, the Italian company has been a valuable source of fry (juvenile fish) both to the area around its headquarters near Venice, as well as internationally.

Sauces & Condiments

Epos B.V.

Bringing everyone to the table

It is not surprising why people have a love affair with food. Food can evoke a wide range of emotions, is used to mark special and ordinary occasions in life, and helps bring people together. However, food is no longer selected just for its taste. Consumers want food that does more with less added to it, like additives, sugar, salt and allergens. Epos B.V., headquartered in the Netherlands, recognizes this demand and lends its more than 60 years of expertise to offering food that sustains and enriches.

Fruits & Vegetables

Agrumaria Reggina S.r.l.

A taste of the sun

Citrus fruits flourish in the warm, sunny climate of Southern Europe. For consumers in the cooler north, drinking orange juice is like drinking in the sun. Most fruit juice sold in supermarkets is made from concentrated juice to which water has been added. By concentrating the juice, it is possible to greatly reduce its volume and therefore transportation costs. With a daily production volume of up to 70 t, one of the leading Italian producers of concentrated fruit juices is Agrumaria Reggina S.r.l.

European Food

Food Special 2016

In this issue: Futura Robotica S.r.l. - End-line technology at its best / Erik Thun AB - Dine at the captain’s table / Spendrups Bryggeri AB - Drinks at the heart of the occasion / Skanem AS - Smart labelling solutions

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