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Mutti France SAS

MUTTI, tomato expert since 1899!

Sun-ripened tomatoes are a healthy and tasty ingredient for many delicious recipes. Especially people in Italy use tomato-based sauces for endless culinary delights. The Italian company Mutti S.p.a. with headquarters in the region of Parma has been producing tomato products since 1899 and has developed into a renowned brand in Italy. With its first foreign subsidiary Mutti France SAS, the brand is conquering the French market.



Makulaku Confectionery Ltd

The sweet taste of success

Liquorice sweets have an unmistakeable colour, taste and texture. Flavoured with the extract of the roots of the liquorice plant, liquorice is enjoyed in many different forms around the world. In the Finnish market, the best liquorice sweets are made by Makulaku Confectionary Ltd. The company’s organic and vegan Happy Reindeer liquorice sweets also find favour among sweet-toothed customers around the world.

Meat & Poultry

Meet AB

Premium beef, not fast food

To define kebab as a healthy meal option per se would strike a wrong chord it seems, as the European reputation of kebab meat has suffered severe blows by negative headlines on quality and production standards. Meet AB, a Swedish kebab producer based in Linköping, seeks to restore its reputation by processing premium meats only. After a tough start in 1997 and 2002 the company took its time to regain its entrepreneurial strength and set up a new strategy. Since last year, however, it is back with 2,500m² of production space, ready to continue and cater to our cravings for more ethical and healthier fast food.


Sugnaux Electromécanique SA

The cheese curing company

Swiss cheese is loved the world over. However, hardly any consumers know how much work is put into its curing process – even hard physical labour. The ingenious invention of customized machines that take over this work help to cure and turn cheeses with ease. Sugnaux Electro-mécanique SA is the first address for solutions that boost a cheese manufacturer’s performance.


Schloss Wachenheim AG

Schloss Wachenheim Sparkling wine >>

Corsini Biscotti S.r.l.

Christmas Italian style >>

Corsini Biscotti S.r.l.

Traditional Tuscan specialities are also on the menu >>

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European Food

Food Special 2/2017

In this issue: Brouwerij Anders! NV – Pushing the boundaries of Belgian craft beer / Mozart Distillerie Gmbh – Your chocolate moment / Gloria Maris Groupe – Breeding healthy and high-quality fish / Caseificio Longo Srl – The artisan cheese company / Fromagerie Biologique de Vielsalm – Pure nature, pure taste

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