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Mutti France SAS

MUTTI, tomato expert since 1899!

Sun-ripened tomatoes are a healthy and tasty ingredient for many delicious recipes. Especially people in Italy use tomato-based sauces for endless culinary delights. The Italian company Mutti S.p.a. with headquarters in the region of Parma has been producing tomato products since 1899 and has developed into a renowned brand in Italy. With its first foreign subsidiary Mutti France SAS, the brand is conquering the French market.


Grocery products

Altbayerische Küche GmbH

Of snacks and strudels

Cut a long story short: The Willmerdinger-Milinkovic and Hasenberger family business tells a tale of tradition blending into modernity and of cross-generational creativity that resembles a picture book story. Altbayerische Küche is as frank and authentic as the straightforwardness of its name implies. Producing Bavaria’s most renowned food specialties, it manages to bridge the gap between modern palatal trends and cravings for homely warmth.

Dairy Products

Fromagerie Biologique de Vielsalm

Pure nature, pure taste

Consumer habits have changed significantly in recent years. The shift to healthier eating is impressive. There is great emphasis on fresh, organic food that is free of artificial flavours. The demand for organic produce appears to be rising across all sectors. Fromagerie Biologique de Vielsalm has long adapted to this development – by developing tasty organic cheeses.


Della Toffola Group

From wine to water and beyond

From developing machines for winemaking and being open to their application in other sectors arose a market leader in Europe and beyond. The Italian Della Toffola Group is headquartered in Signoressa di Trevignano, near Venice. While maintaining its focus on liquid products, the success of the company founded and owned by the Della Toffola family is due to several factors. The family was willing to look into new areas and applications for their machines, like other beverages, liquid food processing and water treatment. They persevered, believed in their own fortes and invested in them. And they were open to acquisitions to realize the Group’s full potential.


Schloss Wachenheim AG

Schloss Wachenheim Sparkling wine >>

Corsini Biscotti S.r.l.

The signature cake of Tuscany >>

Schloss Wachenheim AG

Robby Bubble – THE party cult drink for kids >>

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European Food

Food Special 2/2017

In this issue: Brouwerij Anders! NV – Pushing the boundaries of Belgian craft beer / Mozart Distillerie Gmbh – Your chocolate moment / Gloria Maris Groupe – Breeding healthy and high-quality fish / Caseificio Longo Srl – The artisan cheese company / Fromagerie Biologique de Vielsalm – Pure nature, pure taste

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